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Your personal audio guide, anywhere

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How it works

Locatello creates audio tours customized to your preferences, wherever you are.
1. Enter your preferences
Enter your preferred distance, what you'd like to see and what the tour should focus on.
2. Select your guide
Select a guide that suits you. They each come with their own personality and style.
3. Locatello generates your tour
We do the heavy lifting and generate the best route with stops that match your preferences.
4. Tour time
The app tracks your location, helps you navigate and automatically plays the tour as you go.

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Locatello works anywhere. Check out the latest tours our users created:



Locatello can create tours in English, French, German and Dutch. Support for more languages coming soon.

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Offline support

Scared of high roaming costs abroad? 10 of the most popular destinations are covered by our offline maps and more are added daily.


Use speaker, wireless earbuds or share between devices.

In advance

Preparing for a holiday? Create the tour in advance!


In Tour Mode, the audio plays automatically, even while your screen is off.


Take Existing Tour



Generate Tour



Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use the app in any city?

Yes, Locatello works everywhere on the planet. However, it does need to find interesting locations nearby. If it can't find enough points of interest to generate a decent tour, it won't work.

Can I take a tour with two or more?

You can share your tour with your travel partner(s) by having them scan the QR code. Then you can each listen to the tour on your own device. Or, share a pair of earbuds or use the speaker.

What languages are the tours available in?

Currently, Locatello can generate tours in English, German, French and Dutch. More language will be added soon.

Do I need internet connection to use the tours?

If you are generating a tour on the spot, you need internet access to be able to download the route, map and audio. If you are going to take an existing tour, or create a tour in advance, you can download the full tour to your device beforehand and won't need internet later on.

What kind of information is used to create the tours?

Locatello leverages multiple sources and picks the most suitable ones to generate the script. We plan on allowing city guides to contribute to the data to improve it's quality later on.