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Tours in basel, switzerland

Basel, a charming city in north-western Switzerland, awaits your visit! With its unique location at the Dreiländereck, where the borders of Switzerland, Germany, and France meet, Basel offers a fascinating blend of cultures and architecture.

As you stroll along the Rhine River, you'll discover two distinct areas, Grossbasel and Kleinbasel, each with its own charmThe medieval old town in Grossbasel is a must-visit, while Kleinbasel is the epicenter of nightlifeBut Basel's true gem is its art scene, with world-class museums and the prestigious Art | Basel fair, which attracts art lovers from around the globeIf you're visiting during the "three loveliest days" of the year, you'll experience the city's vibrant Fasnacht carnival, a dazzling spectacle you won't soon forgetFor insider tips and recommendations, be sure to stop by one of BaselTourismus' convenient offices, which can also help you organize guided tours

With its rich history, cultural attractions, and festive atmosphere, Basel is the perfect destination for a fun and memorable holiday.
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